The human body changes as it ages, and your teeth and mouth are no exception. Older adults suffer higher rates of gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss, but there are many things that you can do to keep your smile healthy and beautiful during your golden years.

Dr. Jeff S. Luffey, DDS, is a dentist in Albuquerque, NM who understands the unique challenges that older adults face pertaining to oral health. Through both cosmetic and restorative dentistry, Dr. Luffey and his team are here to provide advanced treatment that will improve your quality of life.

Oral Health & Older Adults—Dentist in Albuquerque, NM

PROBLEM: Dry Mouth

Since dry mouth is the side effect of many medications, it’s not uncommon for older adults to suffer the irritating effects of dry mouth.

SOLUTION: Maintain good oral hygiene, chew sugarless gum or sugarless candies, and of course, drink more water.

PROBLEM: Yellow Teeth

Teeth dim naturally with age, and smoking, certain foods and even some medications can make your smile less-than-bright.

SOLUTION: There are an array of in-office and at-home teeth whitening products available to brighten your teeth. Since teeth whitening results aren’t as dramatic in older adults, you may want to contact Dr. Luffey for an in-office whitening treatment. Using the Sinsational Smile whitening system, your teeth whitening appointment will last less than an hour. Best of all, the cost is less than $100!

PROBLEM: Wear & Tear

A lifetime of eating and grinding wears away the outer layer of your teeth enamel and flattens the sharp edges of your teeth.

SOLUTION: Continue with good oral hygiene habits, including brushing and flossing twice per day. To repair the aesthetic appearance of worn teeth, Albuquerque dentist Dr. Luffey offers cosmetic dentistry treatment options like porcelain dental crowns and porcelain veneers.

PROBLEM: Cavities

As an older adult, you may notice that your gum tissue has receded, which may have led to the soft root tissue of your teeth to become exposed. This causes you to be more susceptible to cavities.

SOLUTION: Dr. Luffey provides tooth-colored crowns made from porcelain. If you need a root canal, Dr. Luffey provides same-day root canals and crowns. Additionally, Dr. Luffey may recommend a special fluoride rinse and varnish applied to your teeth in order to halt the further progression of root decay.

PROBLEM: Gum Disease

One of the main ways that older adults lose teeth is through periodontal disease, also known as gum disease.

SOLUTION: Thankfully, Dr. Luffey can treat gum disease for patients of all ages at his dentist’s office in Albuquerque, NM. Through periodontal scaling and root planing, Dr. Luffey will remove any hardened plaque as well as infected gum tissue during your treatment.

PROBLEM: Tooth Loss

Since older adults are more susceptible to gum disease and cavities, you may have experienced unexpected tooth loss.

SOLUTION: Dr. Luffey offers several solutions for tooth loss in Albuquerque, NM. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are inserted directly into the jawbone where you have missing teeth. Dental bridges and dentures are another option for missing teeth.

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