Albuquerque, NM Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist

What happens when you decide to get a full mouth reconstruction? It’s a process that takes several appointments to complete, but the result is a healthy, Hollywood smile that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime!

You’ll begin your journey to a beautiful smile by meeting with Dr. Jeff S. Luffey, a full mouth reconstruction dentist, at his office in Albuquerque. Dr. Luffey approaches your full mouth reconstruction in several steps, addressing all of your concerns, from your teeth and gums to the way your bite is aligned.

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Step 1: Examining Your Existing Smile

The first full mouth reconstruction step involves examining the current state of your smile. Dr. Luffey will take note of any cavities, tooth decay, cracks, root canal issues and any movement of the teeth by taking x-rays, photographs and impressions of your upper and lower teeth.

During this step, Dr. Luffey will determine which restorative procedures are necessary. These may include dental crowns, inlays or onlays, dental bridges or dental implants.

Step 2: Cleaning Up the Gums

This is an important step in your full mouth reconstruction. If your gums are not healthy, Dr. Luffey must treat periodontal disease to ensure that your new teeth have a solid foundation. During this step, Dr. Luffey will look for deep pockets, excessive or insufficient gum tissue, gum disease and irregularities in bone density.

Sometimes Dr. Luffey can achieve this through scaling and root planing, but you may need to see a periodontist for more intensive treatments. More intensive periodontal treatments include soft tissue and/or bone grafts to build up your gums and the underlying jawbone.

Step 3: Temporomandibular Joints, Jaw Muscles, Occlusion

This step ensures you have an aligned, comfortable bite. If you suffer from TMJ disorder or a misaligned bite, Dr. Luffey will address the issue so you can chew comfortably and without any wear or destruction of your new teeth.

If you have a misaligned bite, Dr. Luffey will realign your teeth and jaw through neuromuscular dentistry. If you have an overbite or under bite, it will be corrected during this step. Sometimes orthodontics or orthotic appliance is required to realign your bite.

Step 4: Addressing Aesthetics

This full mouth reconstruction step includes cosmetic dentistry to address the color, shape, size and proportion of your teeth and how they appear in relation to your gums, lips and profile. By this stage, you’ll be excited to see your smile transform into the one you’ve always wanted!

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Luffey will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to complete your full mouth reconstruction in Albuquerque. You will require several appointments to complete your full mouth reconstruction, but we’ve never had anyone regret the time spent getting a full mouth reconstruction!

Start your journey to getting the smile you’ve always wanted today. Contact Dr. Luffey and request a consultation: 505-294-4700.

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