Are you experiencing tooth pain? Tooth pain is caused by a reaction in your tooth’s pulp chamber. Depending on the reason for your tooth pain, the pain you’re feeling could range from minor sensitivity to severe pain. Often, you’ll feel the most pain while chewing or coming into contact hot or cold beverages.

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What Causes Tooth Pain?

Believe it or not, having tooth pain does not always mean that you have a cavity. Here are some of the most common reasons for tooth pain that we see in our Albuquerque, NM dentist’s office:

  • Tooth sensitivity may be caused by a cavity, but you may have sensitive teeth for a different reason, such as receding gums or thinning tooth enamel.
  • Sharp tooth pain that occurs when you bite down could be a cavity or a cracked tooth.
  • Throbbing tooth pain may be an abscessed tooth or an infection that requires immediate treatment by a dentist.
  • Pressure in the sinus area could mean you have a sinus infection. Clenching and grinding also causes pain in this area.
  • Jaw pain may be caused by TMJ disorder. This is a disorder of the joint that connects your jaw to your temple. Dr. Luffey is a trained TMJ dentist.
  • If you have not had your molars removed, impacted molars may be the cause of your tooth pain.
  • Other causes of tooth pain include trauma and grinding.
  • Since oral cancer could cause tooth pain, it’s important to schedule an appointment with our Albuquerque dentist any time you’re experiencing pain.

Whether you have intermittent or persistent tooth pain (or tooth sensitivity), it’s important to contact our Albuquerque dentist for an exam and teeth cleaning right away.

Tips for Dealing with Tooth Pain

Wondering what to do if you’re experiencing tooth pain? Take the following steps:

  • See our Albuquerque dentist! Any time you feel persistent or even intermittent tooth pain, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Luffey to stop the pain and prevent a bigger problem from forming.
  • Take over the counter pain medication. Taking aspirin or other over the counter pain medication will relieve your pain and also reduce inflammation.
  • Use a cold compress. Take an ice pack and place it on the area where you’re experiencing pain. This will take down some of the swelling, relieving your pain.
  • Keep your head elevated. By keeping your head elevated, you’ll avoid blood from rushing to the face, alleviating some of the swelling and pain.
  • Keep brushing & flossing. Keeping good oral hygiene habits is essential to prevent more pain. Use a soft bristled toothbrush for a gentler scrub.

Seeing a dentist about your tooth pain is hardly a last resort, it should actually be your first line of defense. Intermittent pain may seem like no big deal, but it’s best to contact a dentist to receive a diagnosis. Often, scheduling an dental checkup with our Albuquerque, NM dentist can prevent worse tooth pain and costly dental emergencies in the future.

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