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Oral Myology and Myofunctional Therapy

What is Orofacial Myology?
Change your face, change your life

“O.M.” is the strengthening and of the face, tongue, and lip muscles- like a personal trainer for your face! Just like good body posture, we all need good face posture too! Correct tongue and lip posture can affect your face shape, teeth alignment, body alignment, sleep, and even such things like shoulder tension, headaches, and shallow breathing

What Does O.M. Help Treat?

Orofacial Myology can help a wide variety of issues found in both children and adults- most commonly:

        • Tongue-tie (Ankyloglossia) issues
        • Crossbite / Overbite / Underbite / Open-mouth posture
        • Snoring / Sleep apnea
        • Thumb sucking / Nail biting / Pacifier habits
        • Orthodontic relapse
        • Jaw pain / Headaches / TMJ / TMD
        • Chronically inflamed tonsils & adnoids / Chronic ear infection
        • Facial asymmetry
        • Airway Issues

O.M. can also help PREVENT future issues and facilitates proper development in infants and children like:

        • Proper jaw and teeth alignment
        • Need/Length of orthodontic treatment
        • Facial shape / Attractiveness
        • Body Posture
        • Behavioral issues
        • Bed wetting
        • Poor concentration / Hyperactivity
        • Drooling

Is it Difficult/Painful?

All of our muscular exercises are easy, simple, and even a little fun and silly! The key to success is motivation and commitment. Each set of exercises takes about 5-10 minutes and can be done at home, in your car, on your work break- almost anywhere! With just 5 mins twice a day, you can see big changes in as little as 3 weeks, and fully completion of an O.M. program in as little as 8 weeks total.

Is it Expensive?

We understand you're looking for the most bang for your buck. Did you know O.M. can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in healthcare, orthodontic, and dental bills?! But that's not all- it can also save months to years of other treatment/therapy and improve overall quality of life!

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