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Dental Fillings

Natural-Looking Fillings


If you are experiencing tooth pain, taking care of the problem right away is the best way to avoid a serious dental problem. Tooth pain can indicate that you have a cavity and need a dental filling.  Doctor Luffey provides natural-looking fillings that match the natural color of your teeth.

Blended to Match Your Teeth


Natural-looking fillings are made with composite resin to fill cavities just like silver or gold amalgam fillings. The composite fillings placed at our Albuquerque office a custom blended to match the exact shade of your natural teeth. Once the dental filling is set and polished, it is virtually undetectable. Composite resin fillings are 100% mercury free.

Replace Old Silver Amalgam Fillings


If you are unhappy with your old silver amalgam fillings for any reason Doctor Luffey can remove them and restore your smile to its natural beauty with composite fillings. Composite fillings not only look wonderful, and they also offer more strength than amalgam fillings. The final result is a dental filling that looks as natural as it is durable for healthy teeth that last.

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